What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are associated with easily reproducible items such as music, art, videos, in-game items and other digital files. To be more specific, they contain identification codes and metadata that distinguish NFTs from one another. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum are fungible, meaning they can be replaced or exchanged with another identical one of the same value. NFTs function as verifiable proof of authenticity and ownership within a blockchain network, which confirms their uniqueness. Just as physical art and cryptocurrencies hold value, so do NFTs.

How do NFTs and Sneakers Work Together?

Many of us are fans of a sneaker brand. Those same brands and many more are also available as NFTs. You can buy them just for fun, to create your own collection, or as an investment to sell later. They may also be used in the metaverse, in avatars or games.

NFT Sneakers

There are a variety of NFT sneakers that you can find in NFT marketplaces. They are primarily used for collections or in games in the metaverse. In some of them you have a character or avatar which you may dress in NFT sneakers or other designer clothes and wearables.

Sneakers and NFTs

You can custom order real sneakers in your style and size with printed NFTs on them. On NFT marketplaces you can find sneakers with already printed NFTs.

NFT Sneakers Marketplace

Sneakers are more than just comfortable shoes. They express you! Your style, your desires, your mood. All of us are going to spend an increasing amount of time in the metaverse, whether for entertainment and enjoying our free time, or for business and work-related matters. A new generation of avatars is on the way that can be modified and designed as per your personal preference. And sneakers are a key part of this.

We are working on establishing a marketplace for varieties of NFT sneakers where you can buy, rent, collect or create virtual and physical printed items.

Buy NFT sneakers

You will be able to select and purchase a huge range of collections from famous brands that can be used for your virtual personalities. Search filters will be applicable by brand, artists or collection, size, color, style, price tag and more.

Lease NFT sneakers

Some brands and collections from already established artists require a lot of funds to invest in. However, we do have a solution for that. Our third-party relations with financial institutions can allow you a short-term loan and you can get your NFT sneakers within only a few hours.

Design your own NFT sneakers

If you already own an NFT that you want to be implemented on virtual or physical sneakers – you are now able to do so.

We facilitate this process by connecting your wallet and allowing you to transfer your NFT onto your preselected pair of sneakers – digital or physical. You can modify, review, and confirm the final design and only then can you burn the NFT that will be digitalized on your sneakers.

This will ensure that they are totally unique, and we are going to provide you with proof of process and license.

Even though the awesome collaboration between NFTs and the sneakers industry is still so new, there are already a few top projects that deserve to be on your list to check out:

There is a reason this is first on our list, RTFKT laid the groundwork in the industry. The company is small, yet it totally disrupted the NFT world creating digital artefacts, their main product being NFT sneakers. As market leaders, they deserve your attention.

Not long after smashing the NFT clothing scene, Gucci not only claimed a huge share in the NFT Sneakers market, but did it in a totally unexpected way. They decided to target specific Gen Z influencers, who normally could not afford to even touch Gucci. They lowered the price for them at, wait for it, $17.99, keeping the pair only for the metaverse.

Not long after Gucci, Asics also launched their first NFT Sneaker collection, leaving many jaws dropped. They are an older brand and seen as relatively conservative, so almost no one expected them to be among the first entering the NFT Sneaker world. They are now visible and available for purchase on their official website.

While we were (not so) calmly waiting for SNKR Project to release their new NFT Sneaker drop, on the 12th of November, SNKR WARS was welcomed to the NFT world. SNKR WARS is an ecosystem which basically brings blockchain and physical sneakers together. There is, of course, a pinch (or two) of magic and adrenalin to the entire project, since the master behind it is David Chaum, the creator of the Cypherpunk movement.

And here is a fresh newcomer to the NFT scene. Flowers for Society is a metaverse, especially built and maintained for collectors, NFT community as a whole and, you guessed it - sneaker heads. They have stated the bravest goal we’ve come across so far - to change the way people consume and collect sneakers. Stay tuned for their release.

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